Video Silat By Adzim & Ezadharaouf

Aktiviti ko-kurikulum

Video Silat 1 [Beladiri] oleh Adzim & Ezadharaouf


Martial Arts Training

Video Silat 2 [Buah Pukulan]:


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About Guru Dr. Nizam

Guru Dr. Nizam, Black Belt Seni Silat Malaysia, PhD Silat Coaching (UWIC, UK), Master in Sport Science (UiTM, Malaysia) & Bachelor in Science. The World-Recognized Silat Coach, is a top international silat guru that has 10 years of coaching experience in martial art (SILAT). Through his training center Pusat Cemerlang Silat Malaysia, he attracts many international silat students to train and master silat effectively. Within the past 5 years he has focused on research and study in area of silat coaching. He has produced more than 50 black belts students under his training center. Complete information on Guru Dr. Nizam's product and other services offered is available on his web site. And while there, read dozens of articles an martial arts and sign up for this free ebook and newsletter.

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