Everything You Need To Know Regarding Silat Training

Silat is an ancient form of martial art. It is famous world wide, but is traditionally followed and practiced in Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand. This martial art style was also customarily adopted and put into practice in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines and in Brunei. Many years back, on the Malay Islands natives were trained and made proficient in Silat. This martial art was very much a part of their culture and thus natives were given Silat training.

Today, people from all over the world are fascinated and engrossed in this magnificent and unique martial art form. Millions of people world wide are interested in learning Silat and mastering it through Silat training.

Various Silat training schools and institutes have been set up in different parts of the world by Silat gurus and experts, for imparting the skill to others and encroaching Silat as an art form all over the world. The kind of agility and suppleness, Silat movements and actions acquaint its practitioners with, has magnetized people from different part of the world, especially from European countries.

Silat has different styles and forms, which can be mastered by intensive training. The most common and widely practiced styles include joint manipulation, bladed weapons and various other amalgamations. As per Silat literature, these styles or forms are called ‘Jurus’, which embraces multiple meta-movements all aligned to form a single set. Silat is not just about fighting techniques and tactics; it has a very beautiful and enticing spiritual aspect ingrained in it as well.

Since, Silat is not just a part of one country’ culture, it is a part of different cultures and customs. Though, Silat has surpassed religion, it has many interesting facets. In Malaysia, most of the Silat gurus are Muslims therefore, for them Silat expresses their Islamic canons. In Philippines, Silat also known as Kali incorporates catholic code of belief, while in Bali or also known as Pencak Silat it proffers Hindu creeds.

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