Crime Awareness for Women’s Self Defense

Womens self defense is an essential part of everyday training for women of every age. Womens self defense classes and training is available in books, seminars, videos, and community classes. Learning a martial art, staying up to date in community crime awareness, or taking a class in pepper or mace spray training can help women everywhere feel less like a target and instill a greater sense of confidence and control in their lives.

Unfortunately, violence against women is a centuries old reality. Womens self defense can organize the necessary instincts that prevent a criminal from targeting a victim, simply by knowing the way to behave, act in command of their space, and follow simple guidelines for safety in public or urban areas.

Womens self defense should be learned at all ages, but especially in the teenage years or senior years when criminals target women for violence due to perceived physical weakness. Womens self defense training can teach a woman to act in a manner that puts off thieves or assailants.

The training for womens self defense does not have to be extensive and may be done over the internet. Simple postures and ways to act can prevent an assault from becoming fatal. Womens self defense course prove the old adage that knowledge is power. Just by being prepared how to act in the split second can make the difference between being a victim and surviving a criminal assault.

Womens self defense is an issue for the workplace, home, and any public or private area. Violence against women does not come only from strangers. Womens self defense courses should include a basic physical defense course with aggression and confidence training that pressures an assailant to move from a command position of power to a combative participation in a struggle.

Due to the nature of today’s forensic and criminal science technologies, various criminals are leery about leaving skin and other identifying evidence on their assailants. Women’s self defense can train a woman to absorb identifying marks and a description of her assailant that may forestall the assault from getting worse o becoming fatal.

Criminal psychology and behavior show that assailants prefer the type of behavior that a womens self defense course negates. Since a criminal chooses an assailant, it makes sense to learn from a womens self defense course class or book what types of behaviors to avoid in order to forestall an attack.

It’s important for any woman to have at least one womens self defense course prior to international travel and even by the time they reach driving age. Female drivers alone become targets for thieves and attackers. However, one womens self defense class can make the difference between surviving an attempted attack and being the victim of senseless violence.

Males traditionally target women due to perceived behavior. A womens self defense course is a necessary investment. One womens self defense seminar can unlock how the same dynamics that come into play during a physical attack can be prevented by unexpectedly assertive behavior (that can be learned) to avoid being the victim of an assault.


Roy Allen’s concern for women’s safety arose from conversations with friends and families. Your Protection First carries quality womens self defense [] and child protection products including stun guns. Be aware, be prepared.

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