How Self Defense For Women is Unique

With all the self defense courses out there aimed at women, it’s easy to wonder whether or not this focus on women is all just a marketing ploy. The truth is, though, the things women need to know about self defense do differ from what men need to know and it’s not all about physical strength. Once you know how self defense for women is unique, you be better able to choose the right self defense course for you.

Body language

One of the major problems that trips women up when it comes to self defense is the tendency to look worried and fearful when in potentially dangerous places. Men tend to be better at bluffing even when they are afraid. Since attackers rely on body language to pick out someone weak enough for them to overcome, women you have learned to show strength despite fear are less likely to be attacked.

Being “nice”

Another major issue is that women generally place more importance on being “nice” than men do. Many women get cornered into dangerous situations simply because they don’t want to be thought of as rude or unreasonable. For instance, they might allow a man who makes them feel uncomfortable to walk with them just do avoid the awkwardness of telling him off.

For this reason, women often need extra work on setting clear boundaries about what they consider unacceptable treatment and being assertive about enforcing those boundries. That’s why so many women’s self defense classes start off with getting women to shout “No!”

Women’s fashion

Let’s face it, most of the clothes women wear to the office every day aren’t exactly made for freedom of movement. A business suit and loafers doesn’t impair a man’s ability to fight or run much. The tight skirts and high heels that many women wear, however, do make self defense much harder. Women also tend to wear more conspicuous jewelry, which can attract muggers.

For these reasons, women more so than men need to think through the day and consider if they’ll be in a potentially dangerous spot such as waiting for a bus or walking through a parking lot alone after dark. If so, it’s a good idea to change into non-restrictive clothing and sneakers and take off any expensive-looking jewelry.

Women’s intuition

So far we’ve looked at issues that make self defense harder for women, but the ability to sense danger is one area where women have an advantage. This isn’t to say that men don’t have intuition, but women are more often raised to trust their feelings, whereas many men were brought up to dismiss these feelings as “wimpy.” Self defense courses designed for women teach women how to take full advantage of that intuition and how to react when threatened.

While women do have a few disadvantages when it comes to self defense, when well educated about warding off attacks, a woman is no less able to defend her self than any man. If you’re a women wanting to learn more about these skills, understanding how self defense for women is unique will help you choose an appropriate self defense course and get the most out of what’s offered.

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