Most Effective Self-Defense Techniques

The 6 Most Effective Self-Defense Techniques

It was a cold January evening and the sun had already gone down. The blue glow of the parking lot lamps only made the area look gloomier and more menacing. Bettye Floridan hurried to her car after work, her eyes darting around like a mouse, her heart pounding. Suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind. This is when her survival instincts — and her self-defense training — kicked in. Bettye moved her hips to one side and swung her sharp elbow down towards the man’s groin behind her, punching hard. With the other hand she deployed her pepper spray key chain, which, fortunately, was already out because she was about to drive home.

The combination of the blow to the groin and the full dose of pepper spray to the face made the assailant stagger back, giving Bettye time to jump into her car, lock the doors, and speed off. Self-defense saved her life and it saves thousands of lives a year. Self-defense is easy to learn and there are many self-defense aids on the market to help arm yourself against criminals.

Self-Defense: What You Can Do

Bettye did all the right things.

1. She had her keys out and ready on her way to the car.

2. She was aware of her surroundings.

3. She armed herself with pepper spray.

4. She knew where to elbow the man to incapacitate him.

But she was still attacked. Being careful won’t always keep you safe, so your safety falls into your own hands with self-defense.

Self-defense is a trained skill that can be learned at many local community centers or karate classes. Police recommend RADD courses, which are extremely popular, for self defense training. But if you can’t take a course, here are a few other actions you can take for your own self-defense.

1) Self-Defense: Make Eye Contact

If you see a suspicious character, make sure he knows you see him. Looking him square in the eye shows him that you know he is there. He will likely leave you alone, the element of surprise now gone.

2) Self-Defense: Arm Yourself

Guns are dangerous. They can kill. If you choose to carry a gun, follow all weapons laws and take a training course so you become an absolute expert at using it. Always keep in mind that if the attacker gets his hands on it, you will be in even more danger than you were. We recommend pepper spray instead. It incapacitates the attacker and gives you time to escape, and that is what is most important.

3) Self Defense: Aim for the Soft Spots

Target the groin, as Bettye did, or even better, the eyes. Poke your attacker in the eye with your thumb and twist. He’ll be on the ground looking for his eyeball, and you’ll be running for safety. It’s gross, but it works.

4) Self-Defense: Use Your Hands

Aim the bottom part of your palm at the attackers face and hit his nose with an upward motion. Your wrist is very strong and you will likely break the attacker’s nose.

5) Self-Defense: Scream for Help

This trick is vital. Sometimes passersby may not even know you are in trouble. Screaming “NO!” and “CALL 911!” alerts others to your plight. Let the attacker know you will not be quiet and he may run away.

6) Self Defense: Stay Where You Are

You give up all control if the assailant drives you away or takes you to another location where he could beat you, sexually assault you, or worse. Fight like hell and never, ever get into a car with an attacker. Your chance of survival is slim if you are dragged or driven someplace else. Follow steps 1-5 to make sure he gives up on you.

Above all, when it comes to self-defense, we recommend confidence. If you are strong, confident, wise, alert, and self-assured, you can protect yourself with self-defense and come out safe. Pepper spray and personal alarms are great tools, but you must also know what actions to take to enhance your self defense. Self-defense is an art form, and your life is more valuable than anything a thief might steal.

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