Non Lethal Self Defense Products For Women

While the purpose of this article is not to scare or intimidate you but to expose you to the reality of the dangers in today’s society. In the United States there is a rape committed every three minutes and chances are that you know of someone that has been raped or sexually assaulted. But the current sexual assault and rape statistics are only a fraction of the violent crimes that are committed against women in America. With this said what are some of the things that can be done to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones?

There are always law enforcement personnel and possibly some good people who may be nearby in the event you are attacked by a violent criminal. However it is not wise to rely on this type of help being readily available when it is needed most. In fact the only person you can solely rely on is yourself, so it pays to become familiar with the self defense options that are available to you at this time. Keep in mind that even the most experienced martial artists can be caught by surprise and injured during a violent assault. One alarming statistic is that men are usually the victims of violent attacks so just imagine what type of damage can be done to a female attack victim.

Many instances of attacks against women can be handled by looking your assailant in the eye and telling them to stop, or by just walking with confidence. Sometimes women who are not trained in self defense but have some knowledge of and are familiar with self defense products could possibly escape an attacker. So while there are no guarantees that you will be safe and secure at all times being armed with your personal protection device of choice may afford you the opportunity to ward off an aggressive attacker. Women have an assortment of choices when looking for self defense products which are effective and affordable. These include the following:

Pepper Spray may be the most commonly used self defense product for women. It is easy to use, easy to conceal and quick in effect. Pepper sprays use the main ingredient found in hot peppers. When sprayed into the attacker’s face it causes a severe burning sensation to the eyes which will temporarily blind them and also restricts the breathing of the aggressor. Many defense sprays also have UV dye in them to assist the authorities in identifying the perpetrator.

While most every woman can point and spray pepper spray toward their attacker, it is recommended that a formal class be taken on how to effectively use pepper spray for self defense be attended. This will give an added confidence to the person using it for self defense purposes, and insure that it is used in the most effective manner possible.

Stun guns are also a safe and effective self defense product, but remember that contact with the assailant is necessary for a stun gun to do its job. A stun gun will give an electric shock to the attacker causing them to become incapacitated due to the constricting of their muscles rendering them incapable of movement for several minutes. It will take anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds for the full effect of a stun gun to be utilized. However many times just having a stun gun available and in sight is enough of a deterrent to a mugger or rapist.

The best alternative for a stun device for personal protection is a Taser product. The most obvious advantage of the type of device is that it can be used from a distance. A Taser will use compressed air to propel two metal barbs attached to 15 foot wires that will penetrate up to 2 inches of clothing. Using (EMD) Electro Muscular Disruption Technology the Taser while not as cost effective as pepper spray or hand held stun devices is the top of the line in non lethal personal self defense products.

The Taser X26C Citizen Defense System has a cost of around $900.00 and comes with a free training class given by a local law enforcement officer that has been trained in the use of a Taser. It also provides an Anti Felon Identification system that disperses small pieces of confetti like identification tags with a serial number that is registered to the owner of the Taser product. The ML18 Taser can be purchased for around $500.00 but is larger and harder to conceal than the Taser X26C. The main purpose for women to obtain a self defense product is personal protection but this only comes with proper training, operation, and handling of the said products. The products mentioned above are effective and non-lethal but when used properly will give the advantage to you.

There are other self defense products for women that could also be useful but are rather dangerous like the handgun and a knife. These weapons can cause much more damage to an attacker including death, however if taken away from you and turned against you can also cause the same damage to you or a loved one.

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