Self Defense For Women – 3 Types

Self defense is essential for men and most importantly for women. Some people mistake self defense for fighting. That is one thing that you should know. Self defense is not fighting.

Self defense refers to actions taken by a person to prevent another person from causing harm one’s self, one’s property or one’s home. Self does not necessarily mean knowing kungfu or having a weapon. Sometimes, self defense is simply about taking precautions.

There are 3 categories of self defense for women. There are unarmed self defense, armed self defense and personal alarms.

Unarmed Self-Defense

Unarmed self defense basically means martial arts. Many types of martial arts are usually Asian styles. Some of these Asian style martial arts are Karate, Taekwondo or Wushu. These are some forms of martial arts that do not require arms.

Self defense courses are intended to give a person some instruction in self defense in a short period of time.

Armed Self-Defense

In some countries, it is legal to carry weapons such as firearms or pepper spray. However, sometimes weapons such as firearms are misused by many. Sometimes, everyday objects can be used for self defense.

Personal alarms

Personal alarms are a passive way to practice self defense. A personal alarm is a small; hand- held device that emits a strong, loud, high- pitched sound to deter attackers as the loud noise can draw the attention of passersby. There are different models of personal alarm available. Some are designed as key chains while some are designed to be hung on a cell phone.

These personal alarms can come in handy when you are terrified and do not have the guts to fight the attacker. You can simply trigger the alarm and it will scare the attacker off.

It is important to ensure that if you are armed, you need to make sure that the weapon you are carrying is legal. It will get you into serious trouble if you do not do so.

Now that you know more about self defense do make sure that you are always alert and beware of people behaving suspiciously around you. It is better prevent than to have to fight an attacker.

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