Self Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to practice in a formal training center?

· No, you may practice on your own, especially if you had proper training. However training with a partner and under guidance is far superior because it’s easier to simulate real life experiences and an instructor assures that you are using proper technique.

Do I have to practice a lot to be effective?

· This is a twofold answer. Yes you have to practice regularly to effectively learn the techniques and skills until they are instinctual. Once you have honed your skills and techniques, training a two or three times a month to maintain them is fine. If you feel your skills or techniques are diminishing, be sure to train more frequently.

How fit do I have to be in order to take self defense training?

· It depends on the particular place and type of classes they offer. Most self defense classes contain a high to moderate level of activity. However,anyone can train in self defense; you just have to take it at your own pace. Self defense classes are non- competitive. The more physically fit you are the easier the training will be. You will find that self defense training not only teaches you the skills and techniques you need against attackers, it also improvers your overall health through physical and mental training.

Will I get injured attending a self defense class?

· Safety is always the highest priority in most self defense classes, however, accidents can happen. With proper stretching, warms ups and instruction injuries are avoidable. Self defense training is physical and with any physical activity, both injury and pain can occur.

What do I wear to self Defense training classes?

· Typical work-out clothes are best to wear to self defense classes since most aren’t formal martial art facilities. Once you become a regular attendee, some facilities may ask that you purchase one of their association T-shirts.

How long will it take to gain a good knowledge of self defense?

· In a good self defense class, you will gain knowledge that is useful on your very first class. Why? Because self defense training isn’t just physical training it is also learning to be vigilant, what to look for, how to talk to an attacker, and what to do and not to do, to name a few.

In Summary, there are many questions asked about self defense, I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.

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