The American Women’s Self Defense Association

Is there an organization out there that promotes women’s self defense and is dedicated to ending domestic and public violence toward women? Yes there is; it is the American Women’s Self Defense Association. The organizations goals is to provide training, instructors, and information for women who are interested in women’s self defense. The amount of information that the American Women’s Self Defense Association puts out in the interest of women is monumental in importance. The ability of a woman to defend herself from possible theft, physical harm, or death is an important skill that every woman should have.

A sample training seminar session from the American Women’s Self Association consists of four days of rigorous self defense training. International instructors will there for you to talk to and gain information that could help you in your women’s self defense goals or even pick up on the latest gadgetry that he women’s self defense industry has come out with. The classes are built for either the beginner or expert. Some where you find a class that will fit your ability and your level of interest. If you are a women’s self defense instructor the seminar will provide you with insights of new techniques and even lessons on how to communicate with your students.

You can find out where the next women’s self defense seminar is coming near you by going to the American Women’s Self Defense Association’s web site. The importance of attending these seminars are important because hey will introduce a variety of techniques. Whether they involve martial arts like Kung Fu or Karate, each defense technique is designed with women in mind. There is no sense learning to high kicks and moves that would take years to master. You need to know what techniques that will save you at the time of the attack. The seminar focuses on just those skills. The instruction is so fluid that you will be able to pick out the style that fits both your mind and your attitude. You do not have to be a black belt or a muscle woman to practice women’s self defense. All you have to have is the will and the determination to learn what will work for you.

If you are looking for a women’s self defense class, the best place to find one is to call your local police department. They are usually up to date on where or when the next course will be located. Your local YMCA or women’s advocacy groups will also have the information you are looking for. Another source is your states Department of Family Services. Since the fight against domestic and women’s abuse is such a prevalent issue there, they will probably have the information.

It is your responsibility to take women’s self defense courses because if you are a mother, it is your responsibilities to not only protect yourself but also to protect your children. The American Women’s Self Defense Association also offers tips and techniques to help you protect your kids. They even offer kid courses for free.

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By: Wanda E. Hall, Self-Defense Expert

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