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Ever since Silat has been recognized world wide, it has been regarded as a Malaysian martial arts form. The real origin of Silat is still unknown, but what is known is the popularity and familiarity of this art form in the Malaysian culture.

Silat is deeply entrenched in the traditions and culture of Malaysian civilization. Though, Silat has left its footprints in civilizations of many other Asian countries, but its association and involvement with Malaysian population and culture is remarkable and hence so highly acknowledged.

In Malaysia, around 20% of the total number of schools existent offers training in Silat. Today, Silat Malaysia is a very well known martial art form, throughout the world. In Malaysia itself, there are over 100 forms and styles of Silat martial arts that are being practiced extensively.

The different forms of Silat are called Jurus and these are pre-organized meta-actions and movements. The foremost purpose of Jurus is to exhibit all the techniques and practices in a well organized manner for physical habituation and public manifestation.

Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Malaysia (PESAKA) or The Malaysian National Silat Federation from Malaysia is the national organization, which administers and run
Silat clubs and schools in all over Malaysia. Similar national organizations have been founded in different countries for undertaking similar functions.

Originally, in Malaysian culture Silat was promoted more among the royal families and dynasties. Silat training was the mark of their superiority and authority over the others. People, who used to achieve great heights in learning this martial art form, were highly reputed and were also awarded merits by the King. In that era, mastering Silat was the mark of crowned heads and sovereigns.

Among the weapons, which were used during Silat training in the ancient times, rattan shield or breastplates were the most common weapons to mention.

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