Self Defense – Are Your Defensive Enough?

Think about a war. A war involves two parties the oppressors and the defense force. Every violation or war has a defensive party. Defensive parties try to justify their engagement in violation as mechanism for protecting their rights, properties and lives while the oppressor shows only egoism and use of forces. In such polar situation, […]

Self Defense – 8 Phases of an Effective Self-Defense Strategy and Training Program

By far, the greatest thing missing from most martial arts and safety programs focusing on self-defense is a structured and systemized outline that helps to keep the student on track with what he or she needs. Not to be confused with the step-by-step self-defense moves taught in the preset techniques or kata of different styles, […]

Crime Awareness for Women’s Self Defense

Womens self defense is an essential part of everyday training for women of every age. Womens self defense classes and training is available in books, seminars, videos, and community classes. Learning a martial art, staying up to date in community crime awareness, or taking a class in pepper or mace spray training can help women […]