An Introduction to Reality Based Self Defense

Reality-based self defense is a specific approach to self defense training focusing on practical applications, such as defending yourself against an attack on the street, rather than training you to move up by achieving different belt colors through fights with similarly trained students. RBSD Training covers a range of possibly dangerous scenarios, and often includes […]

Women’s Self Defense – 5 Easy & Effective Self Defense Moves Every Woman Must Know

On my journey to find the best self defense system I uncovered what I intuitively already thought was true. This truth is that the most simplest move or technique is usually the best and most effective. You can search high and low and learn the most intricate and deadliest martial art out there. But what […]

Self Defense Moves – Seven Topics Across Seven Levels in Silat Training System

The self defense moves in silat syllabus are divided into seven levels. Each level concentrates on specific self defense skills. The levels are marked with belt just like any other self defense or martial art. Those seven levels are white belt, blue belt, brown belt, yellow belt, green belt, red belt and black belt. For […]