How to Select Your Martial Arts and Self Defense Equipment

The most common place to buy martial arts or self defense equipment is in the local dojo. Most dojos, training centers, etc., have a small store where you can buy or order the martial arts or self defense equipment you need for your practice. Buying your martial arts or self defense equipment at your local […]

Is Your Martial Arts Or Self-Defense Program Really Teaching You the Right Lessons For Self-Defense?

Countless adults enroll in martial arts and self-defense programs every year. Likewise, it seems that there is a never-ending line of parents enrolling their children into martial arts schools. And, while many of these people – adult students and parents alike – are looking for a sport or activity, most would say they are looking […]

Silat Martial Arts – 7 Effects on Children Attitudes From Silat Training

Silat is the national martial art in Malaysia. The system of silat training methodology is based from the human geometrical movements and patterns. Silat doesn’t incorporate the animal styles just like Kung Fu. The techniques that laid in silat training system are practical and useful to children too. Children will gain more benefits than adults […]