Self Defense – 8 Phases of an Effective Self-Defense Strategy and Training Program

By far, the greatest thing missing from most martial arts and safety programs focusing on self-defense is a structured and systemized outline that helps to keep the student on track with what he or she needs. Not to be confused with the step-by-step self-defense moves taught in the preset techniques or kata of different styles, […]

Is Your Martial Arts Or Self-Defense Program Really Teaching You the Right Lessons For Self-Defense?

Countless adults enroll in martial arts and self-defense programs every year. Likewise, it seems that there is a never-ending line of parents enrolling their children into martial arts schools. And, while many of these people – adult students and parents alike – are looking for a sport or activity, most would say they are looking […]

SLIM IN 6 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM 3 DVD SET + Simple Steps to Success Book + NUTRITION GUIDE WITH MEAL PLANS for Rapid Weight Loss and Healthy Body Slimming!

A total, and totally unique, health and fitness system based on Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine fused with martial arts. The 90-minute DVD program consists of the following parts: DAN-JUN HO HEP: Breathing exercises designed to promote diaphragm breathing. DO-IN BUP: Warm-up stretches incorporating both traditional stretching and self-massage techniques. YANG-IN EXERCISES: Aerobics based on martial […]