Silat Martial Arts – Silat For Beginners for Everybody That Loves Martial Arts

Silat martial arts from is already being practised widely all around the world. With the variety of internet technologies, learning silat doesn’t seem to be difficult anymore. Thus Silat For Beginners (SFB)  provide several options for you to take action on how to master this ancient and secretive martial arts. And to be completely open, […]

Weaponry Silat Seminar 2011

          Watch out for this event in 2011! Please send me an email to with title: Guru Nizam, I want to attend the Secrets Weaponry Silat System Seminar 2011 – to book your place now! We will contact you soon to confirm your reservation in 2011. Limited to 100 peoples/coaches/martial […]

Master the Silat Martial Arts Form

Silat martial arts form is profoundly entrenched in the Malay culture. It gradually popularized in Malaysia and soon became a part of their culture and customs. The origins and beginning of this martial arts form are vague and ambiguous. There have been many stories which describe the origin and establishment of this art form, but […]