The Importance of Practical Self Defense in Martial Art Training.

The concept of martial arts and practical self defense training is not at all new to any one of us. Through movies, magazines, and TV shows, we all have been in touch with martial arts. We have seen Bruce lee’s movies in jam packed theatres and even bought DVD’s of those movies home and watched them unlimited number of times.

Learn Silat and Master the Practical Self Defense Moves

Today, learning self defense is the need of the hour. With increasing crime rate and exploitation, it is imperative for each and every individual to learn practical self defense moves. There are various martial art forms that teach self defense techniques, which can be practised but Silat is gaining immense popularity these days among every […]

Martial Art Videos: Your Personal Guide for Self Defense

The growing popularity of martial arts forms and styles through movies, magazines and books, have literally magnetized people from all over the world. Today, people are actually very much interested in learning at least one martial arts form for safeguarding themselves and it is imperative as well. In many countries, schools and colleges have actually […]