Join Silat Clubs and Learn Great Tactics for Self-Defense

The kind of popularity and recognition Silat art form has received from all over the world is astonishing. Silat instructors and gurus are establishing Silat clubs and training schools for acquainting people with this form of martial art. People have also accepted this Malay art form and have shown great interest in learning it further. […]

Silat Malaysia

Ever since Silat has been recognized world wide, it has been regarded as a Malaysian martial arts form. The real origin of Silat is still unknown, but what is known is the popularity and familiarity of this art form in the Malaysian culture. Silat is deeply entrenched in the traditions and culture of Malaysian civilization. […]

Master the Silat Martial Arts Form

Silat martial arts form is profoundly entrenched in the Malay culture. It gradually popularized in Malaysia and soon became a part of their culture and customs. The origins and beginning of this martial arts form is vague and ambiguous. There have been many stories which describe the origin and establishment of this art form, but […]