Three Reasons Why Youngsters Need To Learn Silat Seriously.

Silat is considered as co-curriculum activity in Malaysian schools. Usually students are allowed to train martial art outside school hours. However the silat guru is an outsider (not school staff) that qualified to teach the silat lessons within the school compound. Thus, it is privileges to school students to learn silat in school compare to […]

Three Insider Secrets to Be Successful Silat Guru!

There are many silat students that dreams to be a successful silat exponent. But not everybody can be successful because not many peoples have time to invest in the training. To master the silat syllabus is not an easy job. It takes hours of training either in formal or non-formal silat session. You are also […]

Three Fighting Secrets To Topple Down Your Opponent Easily In Silat Olahraga Match

Silat Olahraga is a famous silat competition in silat sports. It is a combative style that required you to fight your opponent based on the weight category. The winner is the one that scored the highest marks from the other opponent. The point based system is used on the successful hit to opponent body. One […]