1080 Projector with Built in DVD Player by Vibrant Media! Portable and Perfect for Family Movie Night!!Incredible Picture that is perfect for home or on the run!

Our Latest addition to the GrahamGannon Line of quality custom home entertainment products is the VibrantMedia “all in One” Portable Theater Projector with Built in DVD Player! Great for Families, as it’s perfect for the home theater room or even better anywhere you wish to project to because you can take it with you nice […]

1080IHD Home Theater Video Projector by Vibrant Media with FREE Extra Lamp and HDMI Chord! Incredible Picture Native 800:600 resolution! HDMI DVD Blue Ray Wii Ps3 Xbox PC!

Hard to beat this projector for the money! Incredible picture quality and TRUE 800 : 600 native resolution for Vibrant picture. Please remember these are LCD projectors, so best viewed in dim to dark light. The 1080IHD by Vibrant Media is a great projector as it clearly runs with the expensive “Name Brand” units that […]