Crime Awareness for Women’s Self Defense

Womens self defense is an essential part of everyday training for women of every age. Womens self defense classes and training is available in books, seminars, videos, and community classes. Learning a martial art, staying up to date in community crime awareness, or taking a class in pepper or mace spray training can help women […]

Women’s Self Defense – 5 Easy & Effective Self Defense Moves Every Woman Must Know

On my journey to find the best self defense system I uncovered what I intuitively already thought was true. This truth is that the most simplest move or technique is usually the best and most effective. You can search high and low and learn the most intricate and deadliest martial art out there. But what […]

The American Women’s Self Defense Association

Is there an organization out there that promotes women’s self defense and is dedicated to ending domestic and public violence toward women? Yes there is; it is the American Women’s Self Defense Association. The organizations goals is to provide training, instructors, and information for women who are interested in women’s self defense. The amount of […]